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Wellbeing Support

Here you will find factsheets and videos to help support your mental and physical wellbeing.



Guide to Childcare

a Nanny

Finding a Childminder

Finding a Nursery

Guide to the British Education System

Nanny Payroll and Contract

Common Nanny Contract Pitfalls


Guide to Eldercare

Eldercare – Home Care

Eldercare – Residential Care

Eldercare – Respite Care

Eldercare – Understanding the Costs

Health and Wellbeing

Brain Changes During Adolescence

Female Fertility Check-ups

Male Fertility Check-ups

Stress Management

Dressing to Suit Your Body Shape

Meditation and Mindfulness

How to Sleep Well

Supporting Carers

Relationship with Money


Neonatal Bereavement


Child Bereavement




A-Z of Childcare

A comprehensive overview of childcare options in the UK.

A-Z of Eldercare

A comprehensive overview of eldercare options in the UK.

Feeling Guilty? Stepping past guilt to reclaim your confidence

Real or perceived guilt can affect how you live your life.  Learn how to deal with these feelings.

Managing childcare for Work-Life Balance

Childcare is not one size fits all. Find out how to create the best solution to fit your life.

The Real Cost of Childcare

What are the real costs of childcare in the UK?  Your Employee Wellbeing helps you navigate this complex topic.

About Your Employee Wellbeing

Your Employee Wellbeing was established in 2011. We provide childcare and eldercare searches for working families, recruitment for nannies and other household staff alongside a comprehensive payroll, pension and employment legal service.

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